Saturday, August 19, 2006


On Monday I had a Softball practice because the media League is having it's playoffs next week. After the scrimmage I was walking back to the car and these two guy's who are walking in front of me are talking about a injury because he slid in his softball game. After he points out that he was safe and had to slide he asked the guy about his toe. He said he hurt it riding a mini bike. He said he was riding the bike at the beach wearing, wait for it, flip-flops. He said he was riding around the beach house they were staying at and someone threw something at him and he crashed into a car. Do I even need to say that if he was wearing shoes he wouldn't have a hurt toe. Second why is a person riding mini bike? A scooter should be the sissy"ist" thing you should call a bike. I hadn't seen someone riding a mini bike in the city until I was playing softball in my Sunday beer league. We play all our games in the ghetto. It's just not the mini bike that gets my blood boiling. It's when you see this hot little piece of ass riding on the back of a crotch rocket or a fat Harley and she is wearing flip-flops. First off, the damn things could just fly off, so why even wear them? I pray everynight that these people learn their lesson and touch there foot on a hot exhaust. Will everyone pray with me. Thank you and good night.

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Anonymous said...

What's the worst is when girls who are coming home from school splash in a puddle or something, and not only do their feet get soaked because they are wearing them (yes every last one of them), but also they lose the "shoe" and have to go looking for them. Best served on a steep, steep hill in downtown Seattle. Rrrrg.