Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Slap... Slap... Slap... Slap... Slap... Slap!

Nails on a chalkboard! While sitting in someone's office today I could hear it coming from down the hall. Right away I knew the sound and the body type of this person. I don't think I have super human hearing but it's just obvious.

Guy's who wear flip flop's to work are all the same type of guy. Everyone has this guy at work he is "frat guy". Every story he tell's of his past and every single story of the present all are the same. They are things you don't care about and when told you know he has added major key points of interest that are not true. Like that time...we'll call him Jeff, Jeff jumped over a dog, that was on top of a pic nik table. Need I say more? The person coming down the hall wasn't a fast walker like "Jeff". This was slow. The same type of slow when you see Elephants at the zoo. Scary enough it's the same body style. Big, Slow and full of drama! All I ask people is that you learn how to walk in flip flop's, to silence the slap! Shhhh, people are tyring not to work, only to get distracted by the heard of flip flop's coming down the hall!!

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