Sunday, September 17, 2006


Today I was walking through the mall that is very spread out across two blocks downtown. While walking through the tunnel to the other side of the mall with the movie theatre I had my first sighting of socks with flip flops. White Socks! I now know that summer is officially over. The calendar may of told us that it has ended but this is what I needed to know. It was very sad. He was a younger kid maybe 18 and he didn't look to much like a dope, until you looked at his feet.

Here is a major reason you should wear shoes! Or SHOES!


knee jerk steven said...

Hey out there, just surfed in and found someone who hates flip-flops as much as me. Just wanted to let you know I'm keeping the hate alive out here in K.C. Power, brother!

Anonymous said...

I hate flip-flops too!. (Remember when they used to be called thongs???) I can't stand having my toe separated from the rest of my toes by something so abraiding. I, personally, have broken (and re-broken) many of my toes and as a result, they don't look so pretty in flip-flops. Sandals and some pretty nail polish can be positively distracting!

Anonymous said...

You look realy gay because u look like ur a man wearing pink girly flip flops