Thursday, June 21, 2007

the time is now

Today is the official start of summer, also the official day of hearing the sound and seeing the nasty. I don't have anything wrong with good looking feet or women feet in general. It's just the laziness of flip flops. They should never leave house or they should never be anything more then a shower shoe. This morning I received an email from a local news reporter friend that she wanted to call me and tell me that one of the other reporters was doing a story about flip flops. I've been on vacation for the last 10 days so I had a chance to go to breakfast with my mom before she went on her vacation, so I brought up the flip flops topic and she brought her foot up from the side of the table and said "what is wrong with these". First off, get your nasty foot away from the area of my food. Second, I had respect for you. Then she points out that the guy across from us has his feet out and sitting on the bench across from him. Now I sound like a grandparent, but where has the respect and courtesy gone? People would get dressed up for going out and wanted to look good. I won't lie, I have maybe 200 t-shirts and 5 shirts that have more then 2 buttons but it doesn't look like I just came out of the shower or that I walked here from the farm. I just pray that the maker of UGG boots doesn't come out with an UGG sandle.


Caleb said...

Dude!!! I can't believe this site exists!! I am known in various circles of my life as the flip HATER! It just makes my blood boil. I totally agree on every point, i remember when flip-flops(thongs) were only worn #1 at the pool or #2 in the shower. But now we live in an age where the flip flop is a desired thing.

My step brother one time paid like $30 bucks for a pair of Ambercrombie flip flips--isn't that the most retarded thing you've ever heard of? Yes lets spend some of our hard earned cash on a Sponge and Platic Fork.

That reminds me of another thing i hate....womens Capri's AHHHHHHH....sure honey, pay more money for those capri's than you did for your jeans, because LESS material is ALWAYS better.

Ok im done for now...i'm going to be spending a great deal of time here i can tell.

Anonymous said...

this is quickly becoming a favorite place of mine. a place where the truth about those damned things can be spoken about. this place is cool.

Angela said...

I HATE FLIP FLOPS TOO! I was just gawking at this girl wearing flip flops in class earlier today. The noise and imagining the very smell of those things makes me sick!

Rnormfoto said...

i dont know whats worse---flip-flops or CROCS?