Saturday, July 07, 2007


I don't think it has anything to do with me hating flip flops and an incident in the past, I just think they are dumb. I also think I have narrowed the hate down to a certain kind more then others. They are the super thin and usually worn with jean skirts. The combination alone should never happen. You would think July would be the heart of my flip flop hate but it has spread to all year with every season having representation. Having a shitty government isn't the death to our world and country it's the lack of respect to each other and to wear flip flops at work.


FellowFlopHater said...

Hey, I was excited to find your blog...why, because I HATE FLIP FLOPS! In fact, I found this blog by googling "hate flip flops." I just don't get the obsession. Why are people so convinced that others want to see their nasty, skanky feet on a regular basis? Why even BOTHER with the stupid things? Go barefoot if you're that convinced you feet are worth looking at, for crying out loud! Oddly, in context, I have NO problem with flip flops when at a beach or pool (in fact, I do wear a pair to the pool only.) But in day-to-day life? Please!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see others feel the same way.
I hate them too!
All these women have such terrible feet problems.. bunions.. etc. but they are wearing these things that make them walk like a duck. Quack!
And when guys wear them... they walk like they are gay.. reallly. Guys with raybans and flipflops... great look guys! if you are looking to pick-up a dude.

Anonymous said...

i want to punch that guy in that costume really bad!. we'll see how funny he feels with a mouth full of busted-up teeth!!!
mr. flip flop--- ugh!!