Saturday, October 20, 2007

dressed up

I was asked by a girl "do you really hate flip-flops? " It's not like I'm throwing shoes at people like the nut job PETA freaks with the paint and fur coat people. They just look lazy, they make chicks look lazy and they make dudes look like fucktards. Yes, you, wearing the $260 jeans, popped collar on your bright pink polo shirt but wearing sporty flip flops. Yes, I'm a shoe freak but I own zero flip flops. I take that back, I own one pair and they are in a plastic bag with road flares and a timer. A photo project I've been working and thinking of for a while now.

Really is this a good look?

I know it's only George Bush but come on!


Karl Hungus said...

I love flip flops. They look great on girls. The only thing more attractive is when a girl wears socks with flip flops. Oh that's the perfect girl for me.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous site. I agree 1000%. Please steal this idea - photograph the nastiest, dirtiest, fattest, fungus-toed feet in flip-flops you can find and post those. Begin a shame-campaign that ends this madness for good. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

yeh, i'm glad i came across this site too. and i must admit how pathetic it is that girls today think wearing formal-type dresses and flip flops is actually acceptable!! looks like total shit!!
that really is laziness defined right there. those are exactly the kind of girls who will try to wear those damn things to work believing that they look just fine. i pray to myself that the boss shows some balls and sets them straight!
this kind of bullshit seriously needs to stop. the next time i see some girls at a formal event, i am not going to take it anymore and just let them know how ugly and sloppy they make them look.

Anonymous said...

The flip-flop trend is a lot like reality television shows, they just don't go away! I hate those shoes! I wore them once and I never wore them again! What dimwitted cocksucker decided to bring back this horrible trend? Flip-flops are the ugliest, nastiest form of footwear ever concived by mankind. They have no arch support, you can't run with them, hell; you can barely walk in them!!! If you like flip-flops you are a madman. They are a symbol of stoner laziness in our culture since 1999. Ten years of flip-flop madness is long enough. If you want to wear sandals...wear real sandals that have arch-support and secures to your feet! It's time to wear shoes and have a dress code again and leave the flip-flops on the beaches and the shower rooms where they fucking belong!!! Our culture is lazy and stupid enough!!!

Vince said...

I agree 100%, I hate thos F--ing FLip Flops, in fact I hate them so much I found your blog by googling "I hate flip flops."

I don't understand the joy that people have for these half made shoes, I cannot stand people looking like they just walked out of bed!!

This is not trendy, its scuthy and dirty!!

Keep up the good work and lets make flip flops a thing of the past!!

cigarettes hurt babies said...

"...and they make dudes look like fucktards"

that is gold and i will use that!

SBM_33 said...


Flip-flops definitely scream lazy and trifling. The only consolation I have is that 10 or 15 years from now, they'll wonder why their feet are so f'ed up or why their backs ache so bad.

. . . And about this tattoo crap . . .