Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aww Summer

I hate flip flops
Aww, summer. I don't mind if someone wears flip flops but if your feet look like they should be an animals foot, don't wear flip flops. Twice last week I saw some dude, usually an 40 year old or late 30's wearing flip flops with the worst looking toe nails that I have ever seen. not just gnarly colored usually black but jagged and knife like. Do you think you could die if someone cut you with a nasty, black and I'm sure virus filled toe nail? And what kind of women would sleep next to that. AMERICA get better standards!!


ms. teso said...

i was wondering what you meant by "oh, flip flops" on my photo the other day.


this is genius - you are genius. keep up the very entertaining writing my friend :)

- ms. teso

Anonymous said...

i think i will start making people who wear these damned flip flops uncomfortable and self-conscious. i will start making some shirts to wear stating things like "flip flops totally suck" and "I hate flip flops"
it's long overdue here in Bloomington IN.
way too many guys and i swear AT LEAST 85-90% of all the women around here wear those pieces of shit on their damn feet and it makes me sick.
or maybe i should start by wearing my timberland boots and start stepping on some people's feet and when they bitch about it- i will just tell them to zip their damn piehole and wear some real shoes for a change

Anonymous said...

I have to agree; flip flops are just frigging nasty. Feet are ugly and they stink - how the hell is this attractive to show off your feet? Nobody wants to see, hear, or smell those nasty, smelly, fleshy, vein-engorged things of yours, folks.

The biggest thing that absolutely blows me away is how that gross, wet, velcro-like sticky noise accompanies all of these idiots and they're completely oblivious.

There's really nothing more disgusting than seeing an attractive woman wearing a nice outfit in the office and then seeing those pale stinking worms spilling out of the front of their shoes. What the hell are they thinking?

Amanda said...

I hate flip-flops, too. I live in Florida and am constantly exposed to overweight people waddling down the street. This is not a criticism of overweight people, per say. It's just that if if I were trying to lose weight by walking everywhere, I would at least use the common sense to wear shoes made for that purpose.

Anonymous said...

I have seen young guys with nasty feet in flip-flops, too. Whatever one has that is attractive, show it off. If not, cover it up.

Any reputable psychiatrist will tell you that people who are most offended by feet are usually closet feet-lovers, and they will always deny their fetish.