Thursday, December 04, 2008


It's the season for cold weather more Ugg boots and body hair growth contest.

as the title of the blog say's so nice, this video makes me so happy.


Anonymous said...

You're onto something very important here. The rise of the flip-flop is the sign of an inchoate malaise in our country, and of the decline of western culture, and its imminent demise. Flip-flops were once the footwear of choice for petty dictators in tropical third-world countries, and their prominence in the USA is a sign that we are headed in the same direction. However, your use of the word "fucktard" shows that you don't really understand the full cultural implications of the sudden popularity of flip-flops. The same degeneration of our culture, the same lack of respect for others, the same me-above-everyone-else attitude is the genesis of the rise of the flip-flop and the rise in profanity. But I am not here to condemn you. Dig deeper! Under these outward signs lie the true and lugubrious pulse of our declining nation. I will light a candle for you!

Anonymous said...

here at IU, women have 2 styles of footwear. flip-flops and ugg boots. PATHETIC!!!!

PAOLO said...

i love sincerly havaianas so i can't said the same
they are amazing