Friday, May 27, 2011

Watch your feet

So I was helping someone at work in the warehouse and squished her foot with a hand truck wheel. It was no big deal but the only thing I could focus on was her wearing flip flops to work. Yeah it's Friday, dress in jeans, but flip flops. You're not a life guard. Plus you're around food.

This is some random photo from the Internet and in no way my feet or anyone else I know.


plumbing said...

This looks really bad! This is my first to actually see someone's feet that suffered like this. I'am not quite sure if flip flops can really bring this kind of injury to anyone.

Kids Flip Flops said...

Well, as I see to your photos, I know why you hate flip flops. Do you look in the brighter side of your case? Maybe you only have an allergic to flip flops, so that your feet get in that situation. Maybe it's not fault of the flip flops.